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Native American 12 Steps - Skins Online Meeting

Announcing the new Native American 12 Step online Paltalk Skins meeting. This group was created for those who wish to enjoy Native American spiritual teachings along side the 12 steps and 12 traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous. Though we are not affiliated with A.A. we do base our recovery program on the Twelve Steps and Traditions created by the founder of A.A., Bill Wilson.

We welcome all to our online meetings even if your addiction is not alcohol. All Twelve Step programs relate as we try to fill the emptiness inside with everything but our creators love. The only changes we have made to the steps is to replace God with "Creator" therefore opening the door to all beliefs in a higher power including the female energy. As we say in the Native American way; "thank you Mother, Father Creator for your guidance!"


If you have questions concerning the online Paltalk meeting please contact us at goldenkey4321@yahoo.com.














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