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A New Thought Christmas

The Christmas Season is a magical and special time for millions of people world-wide. We each have our unique version of storied memories of lights, food, music, sacred ritual and festive gatherings of friends and family. All seemingly gathered around a central birth narrative. Yet, this narrative too has its versions and unique interpretations through time.

Not even the Gospel writers themselves all agree on the particulars of the story. Further, many of the narrative elements seem to be borrowed from other, more ancient stories and traditions. Through it all something still calls to us, something mysterious and mystical, something profound yet simple enough for a child to comprehend. It calls to us to overcome fears and doubts, to keep watch over our thoughts and follow the illumined star of our intuition to the manger of our heart. The season calls to us to awaken and give birth to a higher ideal of ourselves and of humanity. It calls us to remember the Light Within and to share it with our world.

We offer you the simple gift of this music in hopes that it will inspire, awaken and reaffirm the Christ Light within you! May your heart be uplifted and your spirit renewed this holiday season.


Peace and Blessings,
Rev. David Alexander











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