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An Illustrated Introduction to Taoism: The Wisdom of the Sages
by Jean C Cooper
edited by Joseph A. Fitzgerald
This beautifully illustrated book introduces the reader to the history and development of Taoism, one of the great religious and philosophical movements in Chinese thought. Chapters include discussions on the concept of the Tao (or Way), the symbolism of Yin-Yang, the relationship between Taoism and the natural world, and the work and philosophy of the leading Taoist sages. "J.C. Cooper's work stands head and shoulders above all recent introductions to Taoism. (She) combines a thorough scholarly grasp with an intimate sympathy with her subject....The author's exposition is as lucid as her understanding. She does not seek to convert and her exposition is of value to anyone...who is interested in the way of the spirit." D.F. Peacock, Emeritus Professor of Socail Anthropology, University of Sussex.













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