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The Pagnano Lab: Adolescent Addiction Recovery Research

The Pagano Lab is an adolescent addiction recovery research lab located in Cleveland, Ohio at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry, Division of Child Psychiatry. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for youth, families, and communities by providing a continuum of scientific information, education, and personal experiences on the role of service in addiction recovery.

In our research, we hypothesize that wayward youth who help others with addiction will show greater long-term improvement in sustained sobriety, reduced recidivism, and strength of character, effects that are amplified when combined with higher levels of God consciousness. In collaboration with national leaders in medicine, sociology, criminology, and theology, we propose an innovative research agenda of high scientific rigor to demonstrate the impact of youths’ daily walk with God and fellowman in developing character and breaking the cycle of addiction.

Our main focus is called Project SOS (Service to Others in Sobriety). Our hope is that our research results and activities will increase the broadcast of the importance of practicing faith-based principles of giving, compassion, integrity, and responsibility, and their benefits long-term to the millions of lives touched by addiction inside and out of jail.

We produce prolific print and electronic media products that have high impact across academic fields of study; to alter life trajectories of addicts and their families, increase safety in communities, and reduce healthcare costs; and to spark reform of rehabilitation and judicial sentencing of juveniles with addiction.

Our website has the largest library of inspiring audio tapes of young people in recovery from addiction. Their stories of how it was, what happened and how it is now, are touching and instructional for all who are touched by addiction. On our website we also have a moving artwork collection that is useful in relating to those: in addiction, in recovery or anyone associated with the addictive process.

Viewing our artwork collection can bring understanding, peace of mind, inspiration and hope as only art can do for one’s soul. Finally, our website has numerous resources for those dealing with addiction on many different levels.

The Pagano Lab believes that there is hope and good news regarding the cycle of addiction. By conducting rigorous, scientific research, providing an innovative and useful website, broadcasting our research results, and continuing to uncover the keys to addiction recovery, we are humbly doing our part to help make the world a better place.


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