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The Twelve Steps of Forgiveness

A Practical Manual for Moving from Fear to Love
by Paul Ferrini

The Twelve Steps of Forgivenss offers us a process for unlearning our ego-based search for perfection and discovering the inner beauty, guidance and grace that already exist in our lives. It enables us to honor others and establish healthy boundaries that prevent manipulation and codependency. Most importantly, it helps us practice forgiveness moment to moment so that we can discover the place of peace within.

This book contains twelve steps designed to help you shift from a fear-centered to a love-centered perception of our life. This process is not designed to eliminate fear in our life but to help you walk through fear when it comes up.

The twelve steps contain four cornerstones. These cornerstones may be used as an abbreviated version of the twelve steps for those who find it difficult to internalize the whole process. Practice of the four cornerstones leads naturally into practice of the full sequence of the twelve steps.

This book is a practical manual. It offers you a process that needs to be worked with on a daily, hourly, indeed moment-to-moment basis, if it is to be a tool for transformation in your life. As such, you will find that you will get from this spiritual practice shat you give to it.

Working with the twelve steps is not an intellectual process. It does not involve much if any analysis. It simply requires your willingness to remember the steps when you lose touch with your peace. That is all that you need do. This process brings you back to the truth that already resides in our heart. It simply reminds you of what you already know but have temporarily forgotten.

The twelve steps cut through the illusion of separation you create in your mind and in your relationships. They undo the false beliefs you entertain about yourself and others. They cancel out blame and shame. They give you back to yourself, to your brothers and sisters, and to the divine. This is the ongoing work of the At-one-ment.

The choice between love and fear is made every moment in our hearts and minds. That is where the peace process begins. Without peace within, peace in the world is an empty wish. Like love, peace is extended. It cannot be brought from the world to the heart. It must be brought from each heart to another, and thus to all mankind. This is the scope and manner of the work.

Step 1 Recognize the Fear

Step 2 Understand that It’s Love that You Want

Step 3 Withdraw the Projection

Step 4 Take Responsibility

Step 5 Release Self-Judgment and Guilt

Step 6 Accept Yourself and Others as You Are

Step 7 Be Willing to Learn and to Share

Step 8 Be Your Own Authority

Step 9 Accept the Lesson

Step 10 See that Everything is Okay As It is

Step 11 Look in the Mirror

Step 12 Open your Heart


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