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About the Project

Dissertation Abstract Statement

Unifying Principles of the 12 Steps of A.A. in the Wisdom Traditions

How can people relate the wisdom of their faith tradition to the universal principles of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous?

As a chemical dependence counselor, my personal and professional dedication is to assist those suffering from addiction in discovering their way out of the grasp of this disease into the grace of recovery. Because these individuals come from all faith traditions: Islam, Hindu, Judaism, Buddhism, Catholicism, to name a few; a shared method of understanding the 12-steps, which reflects and honors all the paths and spiritual practices, can build a bridge of universal understanding among billions of people. My goal is to create an internet site featuring a mandala which overlays the 12 steps. Each circle of the mandala will capture the essence of the step(s) with its key principle, practices, spiritual tenet, verse or scripture, and mantra from each of the wisdom traditions. When completed, the mandala will represent eight faith traditions and twelve steps - 96 principles and practices which speak holistically to one heart, one mind, and one soul. It will symbolize the diversity of the many, and the unity of the one. It will be a tool which can potentially shrink our world by honoring the various traditions through which we express and seek the same universal truths.

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