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About the Project

Wisdom University

Wisdom University is a global learning community providing unique opportunities to deepen spiritual and personal development while obtaining academic degrees.

It is committed to personal and professional renewal. The typical student is a professional, with an established career and one or more advanced degrees. Students are seeking deeper spiritual challenges and meaning in their lives. Wisdom University combines spiritual nourishment with enhanced professional qualifications.

The pursuit of wisdom is at the heart of Wisdom University. The pursuit of wisdom is living in the questions and thus being open and receptive to personal transformation. Wisdom becomes a way of life, rather than being an intellectual enterprise. The pursuit of wisdom leads to an ever-deepening alchemical metamorphosis of psyche, heart, mind, body and soul. Wisdom University is firmly rooted in the Socratic tradition of the pursuit of wisdom. The notion of truth pursued is the cornerstone and foundation of everything Wisdom University stands for, and lies at the heart of all its programs, courses and events.

Wisdom University explores both ancient wisdom traditions and the contemporary wisdom which is shaping our culture today. Students discover how ancient wisdom traditions define universal principles which can and do inform decisions, affect behavior, and lead to personal transformation. Moreover, the University emphasizes the importance of how wisdom is alive and active today not only at the personal, but also at the national and global level. This dialectic between ancient and contemporary wisdom is the container within which all Wisdom's programs are shaped.

Wisdom University’s multi-dimensional pedagogy, its commitment to the pursuit of wisdom as a way of life, and its focus on the whole person, act as a profoundly transformative catalyst for spiritual and personal development. As a result, students often refine their life goals, deepen their spiritual commitments, improve their professional and personal relationships, and gain clarity about more effective ways to be of service to their community.

For more information, please visit Wisdom University's Web site.

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