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Step 3: Made a decision to let go or our attachments.

Principle: Faith

In the Third Noble Truth the Buddha tells us desire ends when we let go of craving and attachment; the pain will dissolve. When we gain a deep understanding that all things in life are impermanent, unsatisfying and without eternal substance, we are ready to start letting go of our attachment to the conditions and our desire for change. We cannot experience Nirvana or bliss until we let go of our clinging nature.

The Buddha's discovery was that the end of suffering is possible in this lifetime. With practice, we can realize this goal. The centuries of Sangha (Buddhist communities) stand witness to this fact.

Text or Verse.

Those who realize that the body is no more substantial than the froth that floats on the waves of the sea, realize that this life is nothing more than a mirage.
The Dhammapada

Attaining only to the ineffable, the one whose mind is freed from thought and desire crosses over to the other shore.
The Dhammapada


The practice focuses on the continued and repeated acceptance that all things are impermanent, unsatisfactory and without an enduring substance. All things come about as the result of a series of causes and conditions which are also impermanent and subject to a constant state of flux. This practice allows our rational brain to understand that whatever we may cling to is transitory. Our rational brain knows that true happiness cannot be served by transitory conditions, but needs a constant source of supply. This Buddhist practice is in total alignment with the Third Step - acceptance of what is and letting go of expectations of what is not.


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