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Step 7: We align our actions with our intentions and resolve.

Principle: Humility

This Step relates to Right View. Right view develops in stages. We commonly begin our quest for truth through a direct insight into the first Truth - suffering. Our habitual views are challenged and appear lacking. Our search begins. We come to appreciate that some of our views are wrong and we modify our actions (karma) accordingly. More wholesome actions bring stability of mind which inclines toward reflection and meditation which in turn deepens our understanding. The process is a gradual one. It requires understanding the Five Aggregates and learning self-management of them: body, feelings, perceptions, mental formations and consciousness.

Text or Verse

Just as the ocean has a gradual shelf, a gradual slope, a gradual inclination, with a sudden drop-off only after a long stretch, in the same way this Doctrine and Discipline (Dhamma-Vinaya) has a gradual training, a gradual performance, a gradual progression, with penetration to wisdom only after a long stretch.
Udana V.5


There are five components to the Buddhist practic of Right View:

  1. Generosity - the act of giving freely and anonymously without expectations of return
  2. Virtousness - Being accountable for our own actions and not blaming others or external circumstances or causes for our actions; refraining from criticism
  3. Renunciation - letting go of material things we do not need and our ideas of what "should" or "ought" to be for oursevles and others
  4. Karma - action with good intention; making careful and considered choices
  5. Four Noble Truths - cultivate a thorough understanding of these truths


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