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Step 3: We decide to surrender our lives and our wills to this Originating Mystery however we choose to name it.

Principle: Faith

In an evolving universe everything is constantly in a state of flux; nothing is static, nothing remains the same. Science demonstrates this at a subatomic level everything is vibrational energy, however, our eyes and our minds trick us into believing it is constant because matter appears dense and static. This is precisely why we need faith. We need to trust in the unseen, the Mystery.

Text or Verse

There is nothing in the whole world that is permanent. Everything flows onward; all things are brought into being with a changing nature. The ages themselves glide by in constant movement.

Our faith imposes on us a right and duty to throw ourselves into the things of the Earth.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Going down into a darkness where there appears to be no faith, we can make three important discoveries. I see them as redeeming discoveries that can ground us in our ecology and serve as our faith: and I believe that our survival depends on making them. These three discoveries
1. the discovery of what we know and feel,
2. the discovery of what we are, and
3. the discovery of what can happen through us or, as one might express it, grace.
Joanna Macy


Sit or kneel in your meditation position, preferably in the presence of another person. From your heart and using your own name say the following out loud:

I, _________, Originating Mystery, and creative power emergent in the unfolding of the Universe and the Earth, surrender my life and will, to the Originating Mystery within. I willingly release any barriers that stand in the way of listening and following the guidance of this Originating Mystery unfolding in me now.


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