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Step 5: We acknowledge to ourselves, to the Originating Mystery and to another person our responsibility for our ignorant attitudes, thoughts and actions by admitting their consequences.

Principle: Integrity

Step Five is a "confessional" step designed for us to empty ourselves - to empty our psychic trash. In Zen, this process is called sunyata. In spiritual concepts, it is creating a void through emptying. We know from physics that a void is never static, always available to be filled. Once we remove the psychic toxins we have been holding, we are ready for the Originating Mystery to recreate us.

Text or Verse

The universe has a violent as well as a benign aspect, but it is always creative in the larger arc of its unfolding.
Thomas Berry

Creativity is nothing else but the unfolding of evolution. The question, where evolution will proceed to, occupies many people today. It may be posed in a meaningful way where there is openness, where novelty has a chance to be woven into evolution.
Erich Jantsch
The Self-Organizing Universe

The first beginnings of all analytical treatment of the soul are to be found in its prototype, the confessional.
C.G. Jung


When we sit with another human and admit the realities of our lives and find they are not horrified, and have done many of the same things themselves, we begin to feel forgiveable.When we feel our grief and remorse we clear away the blockages of shame and guilt, and only then can the Originating Mystery recreate us. We become outlets for the creative dynamic force of the Universe as it continues to create itself.

Share the lists and insights from completing Step 4 with a trusted other. Allow the Originating Mystery to assist and support you as you move into the integrity of recognizing who you really are - a child of the Mystery itself.


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