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Step 8: We make a list of all the persons, species and life systems of the planet we have harmed and are ready to replace our life-destructive habits with life-renewing ones.

Principle: Love

We trust that the Originating Mystery inherent in all matter causes life to self-organize, self-evolve and self-regulate. We humans need to allow this process to evolve.

Text or Verse

Who is our neighbor: the Samaritan? the outcast? the enemy? Yes, yes of course. But it is also the whale, the dolphin and rain forest. Our neighbor is the entire community of life, the entire Universe. We must love it all as our self because in fact it is our Self. The Universe is the primary subject.
Brian Patrick

What if Mary is another name for Gaia? Any living organism a quarter as old as the Universe itself and full of vigor is as near to immortal as we ever need to know. She is of this Universe, and conceivably, a part of God. On Earth she is the source of life everlasting and is alive now; she gave birth to humankind and we are a part of her.
James Lovelock
The Ages of Gaia


Write a list of all harms you have done to humans, to other species and to the planet. Next we must ask if we are ready to begin to heal these wounds. Each of us must ask:

  • Am I willing to make life-renewing priorities?
  • Am I ready to replace my prejudicial defenses with love and compassion?
  • Am I ready to do what I can to alter my life-style to reduce waste, reuse what I can, and recycle as much as possible even if it means creating new habits?
  • Am I willing to take the following oath?

I am willing to allow myself to be transformed towards life-enhancing habits of thoughts, attitudes and actions. I acknowledge how my blind actions have harmed planetary communities and I resolve to become more mindful of my every day actions and their consequences. I am committed to reducing waste, reusing what I can and recycling as much as possible as a daily practice which honors planet Earth.


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