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Step 1: Moving beyond suffering to self-realization.

Principle: Honesty

Human predicament is marked by ignorance (avidya), desire and aversion. How do we who are Brahman fail to know what we are? People are ignorant of their true identity as Brahman. We fail to understand our true nature. We are driven by desire for that which promises to fulfill the needs of our body and mind. Without liberating knowledge human behavior is much like animal behavior - being driven by instinctual desires and aversions. Ignorance prevents us from understanding the fix we are in. Suffering is caused by desire and ignorance. The ignorant man when consumed by longing regards desire as a friend; only after he experiences the suffering that is the inevitable effect of desire does he come to see that his pain was caused by his longing.

Text or Verse

Thinking about sense objects will attach you to sense-objects.
Grow attached and you become addicted.
Thwart your addiction; it turns to anger.
Be angry and you confuse your mind.
Confuse your mind, you forget the lesson of experience.
Forget experience, you lose discrimination.
Lose discrimination, and you miss life's only purpose.
Bhagavad Gita


When things don't seem to be going well in our lives, we can redirect the flow of our karma. One recommendation is to participate in a ritual.

Rituals are performed with focused attention and the exact correct pronunciation of the mantra that matches the mental energy you are wanting to experience. In the Vedic tradition, thought energy is considered very powerful when it is focused intently.

A Ritual for Planetary Healing

Preparation: Gather a few people together at noon, the time of the most natural light. Sit quietly in a circle, focusing the breath. Release distractions on the exhale and focus on strength and centeredness on the inhale.

Manifestation: Light a white candle in the center of the circle stating the intention: to promote healing on the planet for the good of all sentient beings. The facilitator leads the group through a guided meditation in which each member becomes filled with light. Let the light expand and fill the circle, and then speak the names of anyone who needs a healing, imagining them in the center of the light circle. Once completed raise your arms and send healing energy into the universe asking that it may be used where it can be of service. Close by giving thanks.


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