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Step 5: Living by your Dharma, your Inner Truth.

Principle: Integrity

Dharma is fulfilling your life's purpose. It means doing what you are called to do; doing it ethically, purposefully and to the best of your ability. In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna urged Arjuna to pick up his bow and go to war; he was born into a family of kings and warriors and his brother's kingdom was taken over by a tyrant. This was his dharma.

Text or Verse

Living by your inner truth is the essence of your duty in life. Your very nature dictates that you perform the duties attuned to your disposition. These are referred to as your dharma, your natural calling.

People often think of duty too narrowly, as their life's work or professional role. View duty instead from a loftier perspective, as your duty to your highest Self, the Atmna. Think of it as your duty to the Divinity that dwells within you.

Your purpose in life - the very purpose of all humanity - is to gradually achieve spiritual perfection, which is your own Divinity. Being devoted to your duties helps you eventually find this perfection; detesting or avoiding your duties helps you lose it.
Essential Wisdom of the
Bhagavad Gita


In the Vedas, the Manus represent the earliest divine lawgivers who established sacrificial laws and religious ceremonies. The Manu provides us guidance when we need to clear our conscience after doing something we know was wrong. "Confess your misdeed and sincerely admit you are sorry. Then by performing some austere act, giving a generous gift and/or reciting mantras, you can free yourself from the negative karma. If your repentance is sincere, your guilt will be released. You must also promise not to repeat the offense. "


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