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Step 10: Retracing my path.

Principle: Justice

Samsara is the endless round of rebirth from which Hindus seek to be free. The spiritual self lives on and will be held accountable for all the choices made. When we pass on to the next world for judgment, Yama tallies the soul's record and determines whether we receive reward or punishment. The sinless are led to the paradise of Brahma and the less virtuous will return to embody life at a higher level than the last. Death and judgment occur as often as each soul needs until it achieves freedom from rebirth. In the 4th Teaching of the Gita, Krishna tells Arjuna in very clear terms to follow his ways and be purified through the fire of knowledge. Knowledge will replace ignorance and free him from the cycle of samsara.


Text or Verse

Your birth followed the birth of the sun;
how can I comprehend that you taught it
in the beginning?

Lord Krishna:
I have passed through many births and so have you;
I know them all, but you do not, Arjuna.

Whenever sacred duty decays and chaos prevails,
then, I create myself, Arjuna.

He who really knows my divine birth and my action,
escapes rebirth when he abandons the body-
and he comes to me, Arjuna.

Free from attraction, fear and anger, filled with me,
dependent on me, purified by the fire of knowledge,
many come into my presence.

As they seek refuge in me
I devote myself to them;
Arjuna, men retrace my path in every way.
4th Teaching- Knowledge
Bhagavad Gita


The Gita is said to be the most complete explanation of the earliest spiritual formulations of humanity. It is India's greatest gift. Begin to read it today. It's simple language and profound meaning promise a higher understanding of the spiritual nature of man and the world.


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