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Step 11: Stilling the thoughts.

Principle: Spirituality

Meditation is necessary for the mystical insight that alone could be the cause of liberation. Meditation firmly secures knowledge already gained. It is necessary for liberation. It prepares the person for the emergence of inner knowledge. The person who has realized the Self has transcended desire; lacking nothing and being free from compulsions. Because karma can interfere with the constant remembrance of Brahman, meditation is necessary.

Text or Verse

The Atman is the light. The light is covered by darkness; this darkness is delusion. That is why we dream. When the light of the Atman drives out our darkness that light shines forth from us, a sun in splendor, the revealed Brahman.
Bagavad Gita


With upright body, head and neck lead the mind and its powers into thy heart; and the OM of Brahman will then be thy boat with which to cross the rivers of fear.

And when the body is in silent steadiness, breathe rhythmically through the nostrils with a peaceful ebbing and flowing of breath. The chariot of mind is drawn by wild horses, and those wild horses have to be tamed.

Find a quiet retreat for the practice of Yoga, sheltered from the wind, level and clean, free from rubbish, smoldering fires, and ugliness, and where the sound of waters and the beauty of the place help thought and contemplation.

The first fruits of the practice of Yoga are: health, little waste matter, and a clear complexion; lightness of the body, a pleasant scent, a sweet voice; and an absence of greedy desires.

Even as a mirror of gold, covered by dust, when cleaned will shine again in full splendor, when a man has seen the truth of the Spirit he is one with Him and the aim of his life is fulfilled and he is ever beyond sorrow.

Then the soul of man becomes a lamp by which he finds the truth of Brahman. Then he sees God, pure, never-born, everlasting; and when he sees God he is free from all bondage.
The Practice of Yoga
Svetesvatara Upanishad


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