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Native American

Step 8: We made a list of people who were hurt by our drinking and want to make up for these hurts.

Principle: Love

This step helps us start to mend the wreckage of our relationships. We acknowledge that we hurt people. In this step we prepare the ground to actually make amends in the next step.

We are connected to all things. When we accept this truth we become willing to look at our part in the creation of the harm. Each person who wronged us or we wronged is carefully considered, respected and honored. To honor one is to honor all, and to dishonor one is to dishonor all.

We pray for forgiveness in all the amends we will do with each person. Others may or may not forgive us. Our work is to be without expectation about the outcome. Through this process we open the door so the blockages of anger, resentment and hatred can be released.

Text or Verse

Creator, help me meditate on each instance of my past
that I may see the truth.
Creator, I pray for each and every relation
I must approach at this time.
Great Spirit, my Sacred Hoop is broken.
Please guide me in healing other Hoops that I have broken.
Creator, help me to focus on my part
in these weakest links of my life.


Amends has two parts:

  1. Apologizing for our own hurtful behaviors.
  2. Asking what we can do to restore harmony and balance.

Use your inventory lists from Steps 5 and 6 to identify those people to whom you owe amends.
Before you begin spend a little quiet time with the land.
Look up to the sky with the intention of finding guidance


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