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Native American

Step 10: We continue to think about our strengths and weaknesses and when we are wrong we say so.

Principle: Perseverance - "Finding the Elders' Wisdom"

This step is about moment-to-moment inner alertness and offering instant amends when necessary.

The only way to change old habits is to create new ones. We we practice being a positive warrior, the negative warrior eventually fades into the background. If we are consistent and diligent we make a new life.

Text or Verse

Evening inventory:

  1. Was I resentful?
  2. Was I selfish?
  3. Was I dishonest?
  4. Was I afraid?
  5. Do I need to discuss anything with anyone? Is there something that I have been holding inside?
  6. Was I kind to everyone?
  7. Was I loving to all?
  8. Could I have done anything better today?
  9. Was I thinking only of myself today?
  10. Was I thinking of what I could do for others today?
  11. Ask for the Creator's forgiveness.
  12. Ask what I can do to make amends.


As we face North we seek to remain at the center of our personal Medicine Wheel. The center includes the gifts of: compassion, love, peace of mind, positive attitude, trust, forgiveness, acceptance, abundance, empowerment, healing and solutions.

Working the 10th Step and participating in sobriety sweat lodges and recovery circles helps us stay close to our center.


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