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Native American

Native American Spirituality and the 12 Steps

The essence of Native American spirituality is its interconnectedness with all that exists. There is an inherent belief in the natural order of the Universe. The 12 Steps represent an order which help humans rediscover harmony in their own lives.

The Medicine Wheel and 12 Step interpretation presented here were developed by White Bison and are based on the Teachings of the Medicine Wheel, the Cycle of Life and the Four Laws of Change. The basic premise is:

  • All native cultures believe in a Supreme Being.
  • We believe in the Elders as a guiding force.
  • We believe all tribal nations are different from each other.
  • We believe that alcohol is destroying us and we want to recover.
  • We believe there is a natural order running the Universe.
  • We believe our traditional ways were knowledgeable about the natural order.
  • A spiritual person is one who screws up every day and keeps coming back to the Creator.
  • Those who walk this road will find that our thoughts must change to the way Warriors think.

It's a warrior's path which moves a person from despair to a life of happiness and service to others. Working the 12 Steps and making them a part of every day life is a Warrior's journey.

A Vision for Us

To Heal from our historical trauma as Native people, and from the stress of today's world.
To find the Hope that gives us the faith, courage and strength to become Wellbriety warriors.
To experience Unity with others, regardless of the "earth suit" each may wear.
And to have the courage to Forgive, so that we may not be burdened and weighed down by what was done to us or what we see being done today.
How shall we begin this Wellbriety Journey? This is our vision:

Build a better world said God
And I answered how?
The world is such a vast place, and so complicated now.
And I am small and useless
There's nothing I can do.
But God in all his wisdom said,
Build a better you.

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