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2. Hope

Step 2: Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

Principle: Hope

Definition: Hope is the first step in discovering the solution which is identifying with a power that can help dispel the obsession created by the addiction. The gift in this step is discovering and believing that change is possible.


In the Second Noble Truth the Buddha tells us the cause of our suffering is our ceaseless desire for pleasure (tanha) and ignorance (avijja). The abandonment of desire is a core value of Buddhist practice. For suffering to end, we must learn how to cease our craving, and acquire the wisdom we do not have. Suffering is caused by our desire to have things be different than they are; it is a grasping for self-satisfaction and fulfillment from external sources.
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Step two is focused on developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is a relationship which transcends rational understanding and belief. It is an experiential realization that Christ cares for and about us and is ready and available at any time to be in relationship with us. This relationship encompasses love, forgiveness, comfort, guidance and direction.
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We came to acknowledge the existence of an Originating Mystery accomplishing the evolution of the Universe. This Mystery will be revealed to us in our natural relationships to self, to others, to other species, to Earth and to the Universe.
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Atman is the eternal light of of consciousness that illumines the mind. It is not the mind; this Atman is Brahman. The goal of spiritual discipline is knowledge (jnana) of the identity between one's true Self (the higher Self) and Brahman which leads to liberation from (samsara) the cycle of birth and death perpetuated by karma. The true Self is the light of consciousness that shines deep within the mind. The true Self is changeless. The journey home is impossible without external assistance because the conditions of captivity are so disorienting that the deluded are unable to find their way home under their own power
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Muslims wholeheartedly believe that Allah will show them the path to liberation and salvation. "God guides to the right path whomever He wants." (2:213). However, it requires that each person make their spiritual path and work their lifetime work. The results are not up to God, but a combination of God's mercy and man's right actions. "Those who seek the protection of God will certainly be guided to the right path." (3:101) The path is described by Allah as an "uphill path" and outlines the required works: freeing people in bondage, helping those in need, and feeding the poor.
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Jews have always known that belief is essential, but that doesn't mean it’s easy. Our tradition tells us the one power God withholds, even from Godself, the power to make us believe. Difficulty in faith is not failure. Look at the story of the golden calf where we turned our backs on God after God brought us out of Egypt. How far is it from creating and idolizing the golden drug or bottle to the original golden calf? Perhaps there is no difference. The sages pointed out that there are many kinds and forms of golden calves in our lives.
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Native American Spirituality

There is hope no matter how much misery and despair we feel. God can help, but we must do our part. The Creator has gifted us with free will, and the power of choice, which must be in alignment with our goals.
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"Knowing ignorance is strength. Ignoring knowledge is sickness." This verse of the Tao touches the heart of the paradox of addiction and recovery in the words "only when we are sick of our sickness shall we cease to be sick." It is only when we become fully aware that we are sick in mind, body and spirit that we can cease to be sick, because only when we are equipped with this knowledge are we ready to consider changing the fundamental cause. Knowledge provides us strength, ignorance of the truth perpetuates our dis-ease. When we experience dis-ease in mind, body or spirit it is because some aspect of our life is out of balance. The next step is to identify where we are living in excess and what is being ignored as a consequence.
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