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Alcoholics Anonymous Today

Serenity Prayer

-- Reinhold Niebuhr


With the saying of this word I am admitting the existence of a Higher Power... a being far greater than I


I am admitting that this Higher Power is an authority who can bestow and give

me the

I am asking for something for myself. It is said if I ask, it shall be given


Calmness, composure and peace

to accept

I am resigning myself to the conditions in my life as they are now

things I cannot change

I must accept things as they are until I find the courage to begin to change them


The quality of Spirit I need to face conditions and move forward

to change

To substitute new habits for old ones

the things I can

the things I know how or am able to change


The ability to form sound judgments

to know

To understand with clarity

the difference

Distinction between the two

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